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The IUT of Bordeaux

What are IUT’s?
IUT’s (University Institutes of Technology)
are very popular and selective in France. They are the only selective undergraduate university program, and yet they recruit all kinds of student profiles.

They are vocationally oriented towards the industry and service sectors, with in-company placements every semester.

They offer two-year courses leading to Foundation degrees (called « DUT » in French)

which can be completed by a 3rd year in a Vocational Bachelor ‘s degree .(called « Licences professionnelles » in French)

The IUT of Bordeaux is part of the University of Bordeaux.

It is very recent, as it was founded in 2015 with the merger of 3 IUTs. Yet some of its departments were created in the 1970’s.

With 17 departments on 4 campuses its students population amounts to over 3,000.

The Business and Marketing Techniques Department (Techniques de Commercialisation)
is one of them and is located on the Bastide Campus, on the right bank of the river, close to the city center of Bordeaux .

Created in 1967, it is one of the oldest departments in France, graduating 600 students every year.

Erasmus + and International students


Applications are invited from students of our partner institutions and partners of the University of Bordeaux for the up-coming academic year.

For applications, administrative procedures and contract details



  • Deadlines to apply :
    • 1st May for Fall semester
    • 1st November for Spring semester.

Study programmes



  • You will find here (PPN TC in ENGLISH)  a detailed description of all the subjects taught in the 2-year Foundation Degree in the Business and Marketing Techniques Department.

The description is in English but not all the subjects are taught in English.

            => To find out more about the English track in this degree , please contact :  relations.internationales.techdecobordeaux@u-bordeaux.fr




To obtain the detailed course catalogue for exchange students please contact relations.internationales.techdecobordeaux@u-bordeaux.fr